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    At Tanoshii, we would like to invite you to discover through the pleasures in our dishes prepared by experienced chefs using the freshest fine ingredients. Our philosophy has always been to use the freshest ingredients to create simply delicious foods that can bring abundant pleasure in the taste.

    Tanoshii presents the art of Japanese fusion and contemporary dining, a harmony of style and substance, tradition and innovation in the culinary delight. We offer you a selection of Japanese fusion plates in a contemporary and convivial atmosphere. Whether for a special occasion or sophisticated lunch, you will journey through the pleasures of fine Japanese cuisine presented to you in the freshest way curated just for you.



    Treat your tastebuds with Tanoshii’s specialty that blends in the best taste of Japan and Korea in modern fusion style. Tanoshii uses the finest and freshest ingredients to create an imaginative menu of fine Japanese selection. Tanoshii presents an exquisite Japanese dining experience like no others.

    With the chef’s extensive and professional experience in the culinary background, Tanoshii is bringing in the freshest seafood available daily and passing on the savings to our patrons. We look forward to serving the best Japanese cuisine and also being a part of the culinary landscape of Singapore.


    • The ingredients are very fresh. The abalone is juicy and fresh, steamed with seaweed for more than 3 hours. The kimchi is fresh and crisp! The wagu beef is out of the world! 10 Thumbs Up! Cozy and exclusive ambience with meticulous service. Yuna & Mr Jiang are so friendly, they ensure everything is taken care of once you step into this unique restaurant. Relax and enjoy exquisite cuisine tenderly and specially prepared for each guest by master chef.
      Winnie Tan
    • A superb dining experience at Tanoshii both in terms of food quality and service. Tastefully-appointed interior and cosy ambience. Cuisine focuses on using the freshest ingredients and bringing out their natural flavors in the cooking process. Truly enjoyable meal from begining to end.
      Molly Mok
    • This is a gem of a place. Small, intimate, warm and with really delightful yet unintrusive service. Loved the dry sukiyaki (no soup) with such lovely, fresh ingredients cooked to perfection. Couldn't get enough of it even though we were stuffed! The kiyama beef slices were tender and melt in the mouth and the mushrooms so juicy and buttery. We ended our meal with a cup of plum tea - perfect to wash down the rich, meaty flavours. So lovely!
      Angela Ng
    • I have had very unusual experience with Japanese cuisine here. I've felt that I'm in Japan, Tokyo Ginza. All ingredients are extra fresh. I will strongly recommend to my friends who want to treat or entertain special persons.
      BK Bae
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    Tanoshii's reservation policy (T&C)

    *Tanoshii is a small restaurant with 6 tables and 3 bar counters.

    *Operation is difficult due to repeated no-shows and same-day cancellations.

    *For this reason, no-shows and same-day cancellations will incur a $50 penalty, so please think carefully before making a reservation.

    *Table and bar counter seats are subject to change depending on the reservation situation on the day, so special seat requests cannot be accepted.

    *Meal time is limited to 2 hours, and it can be extended if you order drinks(bottle of alcohol, sake or wine etc)

    *On birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions, you can bring your own cake.

    *special requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability and restaurant discretion.

    *Only children over 6 years of age are accepted.(Customers with young children should be managed to avoid disturbing others)